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I went for a drive around Pool’s Mill today just as I usually do once a week in the early spring and in the autumn when the foliage is at its peak. I was a little late this year because a hard rain had recently passed through and swept the leaves from their branches. About a minute before you reach the entrance to the park I noticed something I had never seen before in my peripheral vision. It was a stone wall that was about 20 feet long. I turned around for another look and saw that the wall wrapped all the way around enclosing two tall gravestones in the middle of it. The entrance into the cemetery was in the front of the structure on the right side. I didn’t take any pictures or go in because it was located in someone’s front yard. Somehow I had never seen it before because of the trees and shrubs usually covering the wall. The wall itself was no more than three feet tall. I am considering contacting the owners of the property to see if they will allow me to take some photos or do a gravestone rubbing. I have asked around and a few people did know it was located there but no one knows much about it except that its been there for a very long time. The gravestones look unique to me being unlike the others I’ve seen in my area. Even if I don’t get permission I might drive by again and snap a picture from the road if I have to.