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This is what he was charged with:

  • Group defamation (article 137c of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting hatred against people, i.e. Muslims, on account of their religion (article 137 of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting discrimination against people, i.e. Muslims, on account of their religion (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting hatred against people, i.e. non-western ethnic minorities and/or Moroccans, on account of their race (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).
  • Inciting discrimination against people, i.e. non-western ethnic minorities and/or Moroccans, on account of their race (article 137d of the Dutch Criminal Code).

I think its sad that someone is going to be put on trial for not liking Islam! He doesn’t hate Muslims and has said so. He simply does not agree with the Islamic religion and he has a right to tell others how he feels.


Warning: Graphic Story

I read a very disturbing story today online. It was about a 12 year old girl who told her mother she was being molested by her stepfather. The mother did not want to believe the girl so instead of telling the police she took her daughter to First Missionary Baptist Church to get counseling from a preacher.

The preacher, Rev. Daryl P. Bujak,  brutally spanked the girl because he thought she needed to learn not to lie. Bujak would tell her to “bend over and grab her ankles” then he would proceed to hit her at least 15 to 25 times with a piece of molding he kept hidden in his office. On many occasions he left her covered in whelps and the mother knew about it! The number of hits from the preacher would be determined by how many lies the mother said the young girl had told since her last counseling session.

Eventually the mother started to believe her daughter’s story and the stepfather now faces 5 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault. The young girl’s mother did not report the rape to police until the stepfather had filed for divorce which is all too convenient. The really sad part is that Bujak was barely punished at all. He was fined less than $400 and did not get in trouble for failure to report the rape to police. Bujak was convicted of two counts of battery but won’t serve any jail time.

The girl is now 16 and she had to testify against the preacher in court. I think the mother should face charges as well. She put her daughter through Hell simply because she didn’t want to believe what she was being told. That little girl was sexually abused at home and then beaten at church. She even said that she had to sit on her hands during normal church services because of the whelps on her bottom. She was let down by her mother, her biological father, her stepfather, the church, the preacher, the other members of her family and the justice system.  She’ll be in my thoughts  for a long time. I’ll pray that she finds kind, caring and supportive people to be in her life and help her through this tragedy.

I loved the recent Daily Show when Jon Stewart crushed Jim Cramer on his show. It was the best. In the beginning I thought Cramer would come out fighting because Stewart had made a few zingers before Cramer came onto the set but that didn’t happen. Cramer kept apologizing for his show, promising to “do better”. It was funny yet sad at the same time. Stewart let him have it. He told Cramer that he needs to be more professional and stop giving people bad advice with their money. Cramer even admitted that information on his show, which is supposed to financially help people, is sometimes taken at face value and not fact checked before they use the information on air. The biggest issue Stewart had with Cramer and with CNBC is that he claims CNBC knew about what was going on with Wallstreet but did not tell the public. I recommend looking up this Daily Show episode on google or YT and watching it or at least the part with Stewart interviewing Cramer. Its funny and informative at the same time. Stewart can now rightfully say “victory is mine!”.

Daily Show Jim Cramer



Both are endangered

At first I was going to ingore this but I finally decided to write something about it. There is a rediculous rumor going around that says Barack Obama is the anti-christ. The main “evidence” for this is that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and the lattitude of Honolulu is supposedly 21.6. If you multiple 6x6x6 you get 216.  For those that don’t know, 666 is the mark of the beast in the Christian bible. The problem is that 21.6 is only one of the coordinates that Honolulu is located in (not to mention that 21.6 and 216 are two completely different numbers). It is not a single pin point on a map. Barack was born at the southern tip of Honolulu and guess what? The hospital is not located at 21.6 latitude. Honolulu extends from 21 and 22 degrees latitude. Look at a map yourself and see what I’m talking about. The hosptial’s address is 1319 Punahou Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96826. You can go here to look up the coordinates – This is what comes up – 21.300037,-157.833548. So sorry to those out there who believe ANYTHING they are told. Looks like you’ll have to keep looking for someone else to bring about the end times.

1. On October 13, 1961 in the Honolulu Advertiser Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama ran an advertisement for the birth of their son which happened on August 4, 1961.

2. The staff at have seen, touched and thoroughly examined the birth certificate submitted by Barack Obama. They stated that it meets all State Department requirements and is 100% legitimate. The birth certificate does have a raised seal and all other required information. The raised seal was placed on the back of the document. Pictures are available online to prove this.

3. Birth certificates normally have two versions, a long one and a short one. The long ones include information such as birth weight. Hawaii only gives out the short version of birth certificates and that is what Barack Obama was given.

4. Barack Obama didn’t move to Indonesia until he was 6 years old.

5. The school Obama attended was not an islamic school. Many children with different religious backgrounds went there.

6. The Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, the Attorney of Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court and many other government agencies would have had to all conspire together for Barack Obama to be where he is today.

7. All people who have actually examined his birth certificate claim that it is authentic. There are many Hawiian citizens who have birth certificates exactly like Obama’s.