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You guys will really like this.
Eugene Mirman - Accept Me As Your God
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Right now has a great deal on strawberries. You can get 25 strawberry plants plus two growing bags (a new way to grow plants) for only $13.45. If you spend $25 on the their website and use the code BERRIES you can get 25 more strawberry plants (this offer ends on March 17th). That’s 50 strawberry plants and two growing bags plus whatever else you got for only $25 plus shipping. My shipping cost was around $10.

Oh and if you love fruit check out this deal they have right now. You can get 3 blackberry, 1 blueberry, 3 raspberry and 25  strawberry plants for $39.95 which isn’t too bad. It is called the “Basket of Berries” collection.

25 Strawberry plants plus 2 growing bags item code is 42009

For 25 Free Surecrop Strawberry plants with any $25 purchase use the code BERRIES (ends 3/17/2010)

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