I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. It was a low-budget film but did well in drawing the viewer in with suspense. The two main characters were a young couple living together in their first house. The girl, who had had paranormal experiences in her past, asked a psychic to come to their home and see if he could help them because they were experiencing the typical signs of a haunting or the first stages of diabolical possession. The psychic told her that he was sure she was being plagued by a demon and referred her to a demonologist. The couple waited a few of weeks before calling him because of the boyfriend’s skepticism of the whole thing. The demonologist unfortunately was out of town when she finally made the call and this was after the situation had exponentially gotten worse. The boyfriend set up a camera in their bedroom and this is where most of the film is viewed from. He taunted the “demon” demanding that it show itself, evoking it to show its powers which only made the situation worse for the girl. The nightly occurrences of sounds of the footsteps coming up the stairs, scratching and pounding on the walls and door, the shadows in the room moving around and the girl on at least two separate occasions being pulled out of bed abruptly by an unseen source then dragged down the stairs, screaming in terror for help. Towards the end of the film, the girl becomes more controlled by the demon. She never seeks help from anyone other than the psychic who tells her that the demon is so powerful he can only help from a safe distance, never inside the home. At the end of the movie the demon has taken over her body and mind completely controlling her enough to make her murder her boyfriend. There are two separate endings but I will only mention one. The police are called by a friend who discovers the boyfriend’s dead body in the kitchen. They find the girl in the bedroom where she had been in a trance for more than a day after the murder, still clutching the knife she used to stab him to death. The police walk in to find her there and say “freeze!”. She suddenly wakes up from her trance, in a daze, screaming “where is mica?”. She walks towards the police, not in her right mind, holding the murder weapon. They end up shooting her because she was walking towards them in a panic with the knife in her hand. The movie ends there. The ending is so much like The Blair Witch Project in which it leaves you wanting to know more about what happens. The girl is shot and falls over but you don’t really know if she’s dead or not. The boyfriend is injured but its never really shown if he was dead or just incredibly injured and somehow stayed alive an entire day before being discovered. The psychic never mentions of the possibility of a poltergeist either which means that a demon may not have been what was possessing the girl at all. A poltergeist would also fit the description in the events that were happening to her. It was just assumed that a demon was the cause because that is what he “felt”. Overall, I would say its worth to watch at least once but don’t except any special effects or anything like that. You never see the demon or poltergeist. Its an unseen force but the way the movie is made you do feel that it’s presence is strong and very evil. And before you ask, YES it is a fake movie. It never happened in real life.