The Dolphin
by Stacy Quackenbush (1994)

She calls to me from beyond
out at the edge of the reef
I can not join her there
or at least this is my belief
I would walk out at low tide
and stand on the edge
I would talk to her there
as the water lapped at the edge
As it rose higher
I would retreat to the shore
and there she was just beyond
calling to me once more…
Then one day I was late
and I rushed out to the reef
she was not waiting for me
and I cried out my grief…
I thought I had lost her
and the fault was all mine
I dived over the edge
to forever end my lonely time…
But as I touched the crystal surface
I became what I longed to be
my body shimmered and changed
and I became a dolphin of the sea
And out in the distance I saw her
Waiting beyond the reef
and I finally joined the one I loved
and left behind my life of grief.