I loved the recent Daily Show when Jon Stewart crushed Jim Cramer on his show. It was the best. In the beginning I thought Cramer would come out fighting because Stewart had made a few zingers before Cramer came onto the set but that didn’t happen. Cramer kept apologizing for his show, promising to “do better”. It was funny yet sad at the same time. Stewart let him have it. He told Cramer that he needs to be more professional and stop giving people bad advice with their money. Cramer even admitted that information on his show, which is supposed to financially help people, is sometimes taken at face value and not fact checked before they use the information on air. The biggest issue Stewart had with Cramer and with CNBC is that he claims CNBC knew about what was going on with Wallstreet but did not tell the public. I recommend looking up this Daily Show episode on google or YT and watching it or at least the part with Stewart interviewing Cramer. Its funny and informative at the same time. Stewart can now rightfully say “victory is mine!”.

Daily Show Jim Cramer