There are many different tarot decks to choose from. Beginners can easily get lost in all of them resulting in getting a deck that doesn’t work. The Moon Oracle is beautiful but to a beginner is almost useless. Its best to start with one that is well known such as the Rider Waite Tarot. After you’ve mastered that deck then you can move on to others. You can expect to spend at least one year getting comfortable with each different Tarot deck you want to use. It is normal to take two or more years of study to learn the Rider Waite tarot deck alone and this is one of the easier ones. It is compiled of over 70 cards. Each of which you must make a personal connection with and also remember its meaning and significance. Do the math. Lets say you spend 5 days of study on each card. That is at least 350 days. But what if you need more time than that? Most people do and this is why it takes so long to learn. The end result is well worth it though.

An example of how I use the Tarot: I practice magick and therefore must make sure that before doing a spell I won’t be sending out energy that could later cause me problems. Using the Tarot I can tell if the spell I’m about to do will have a positive or negative effect. If its negative then usually I won’t do it and instead think of another way or a different spell to solve my problem.

I’ll write more on using the Tarot in the future.