I’ve been trying to find an actual purpose for my blog. Amongst the random thoughts I post on here I’d like to write something worthwhile. This is a Pagan blog so obviously paganism is a topic i’ll occassionally write about. I was thinking about the topic of Magick though. Most Pagans practice Magick although the definition of it varies. Every thought that produces an action could be called magick however practioners know its actually much deeper than that.
I’m going to start posting lessons and experiences I’ve had while practicing magick over the years. These are my personal experiences so this blog isn’t meant to be a how-to guide. I can share what I’ve learned but I do not consider myself a teacher or guide. We are all students when it comes to magick. You might find that my methods don’t suit you. If this happens then I hope my blog posts will inspire you to seek out a method that works better for your needs. There is no one way to practice magick.