Book of rituals, prayers and spells – This is also called a Book of Shadows. Keep records of all your magickal workings, recipes, written spells or prayers.

Book of Dreams – Sometimes called a Book of Mirrors, this book is where you should write down your dreams plus your meditation and divination experiences.

Pagan Organizer – You can use any kind of organizer to record full moon dates, sabbats, lunar phases and any other events you want to include. This is a great way to always know what you need to prepare for on a weekly and monthly bases.

Address Book – If you are a solitary Pagan then over the years you will probably talk and share ideas with other witches or Pagans. Write down their contact information in any address book so that you can call upon them if you should need help in magickal workings, healing or any prayer request. Covens might not allow member information to be recorded so make sure you know its permissible before you do this. Keep this book in a safe, protected place.

Covens in your area – Pagan groups, despite what path, love to work together. You can call upon different covens close to your location and ask about prayer request for healing or other important matters. Most of the time they will be willing to spend a few extra minutes at their next gathering to send some energy your way.

Label your herbs – Herbs do expire, some faster than others. Always record the date you started using any herb on the bottle or baggie. Do some simple research and find out how long each herb will keep (google it). Record the expiration date on the label as well. In your book of shadows you could make a page just for the expiration dates for your herbs. This will help you know when you need to get more of any herb before you run out.