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There are many different tarot decks to choose from. Beginners can easily get lost in all of them resulting in getting a deck that doesn’t work. The Moon Oracle is beautiful but to a beginner is almost useless. Its best to start with one that is well known such as the Rider Waite Tarot. After you’ve mastered that deck then you can move on to others. You can expect to spend at least one year getting comfortable with each different Tarot deck you want to use. It is normal to take two or more years of study to learn the Rider Waite tarot deck alone and this is one of the easier ones. It is compiled of over 70 cards. Each of which you must make a personal connection with and also remember its meaning and significance. Do the math. Lets say you spend 5 days of study on each card. That is at least 350 days. But what if you need more time than that? Most people do and this is why it takes so long to learn. The end result is well worth it though.

An example of how I use the Tarot: I practice magick and therefore must make sure that before doing a spell I won’t be sending out energy that could later cause me problems. Using the Tarot I can tell if the spell I’m about to do will have a positive or negative effect. If its negative then usually I won’t do it and instead think of another way or a different spell to solve my problem.

I’ll write more on using the Tarot in the future.


A dream diary is an essential tool of magick. Every dream you have needs to start being recorded. From day one of your practice its vital to record all dreams because it is through dreaming that spiritual messages and higher learning sometimes occur. Over time you will be able to see a pattern to your dreams. Your dreams might be scarier the more stressed you are in your daily life, you might dream of being chased when you’re avoiding something, etc. Dreams are a window into our innerselves. On the nights you don’t remember your dreams you should still write that down. Simply write “I chose not to remember my dreams last night”.

There are three main ways to record your dreams. The first being a journal or notebook, the second methed would be to use a digital voice recorder and the third is using your pc or laptop to keep a digital log of your dreams. However you decide to do this make sure you do it every morning. The longer you are awake the more of your dreams you forget. Try to write in your dream diary as soon as you wake up.

Tip: Before falling asleep at night tell yourself “I will remember my dreams” several times.

I’ve been trying to find an actual purpose for my blog. Amongst the random thoughts I post on here I’d like to write something worthwhile. This is a Pagan blog so obviously paganism is a topic i’ll occassionally write about. I was thinking about the topic of Magick though. Most Pagans practice Magick although the definition of it varies. Every thought that produces an action could be called magick however practioners know its actually much deeper than that.
I’m going to start posting lessons and experiences I’ve had while practicing magick over the years. These are my personal experiences so this blog isn’t meant to be a how-to guide. I can share what I’ve learned but I do not consider myself a teacher or guide. We are all students when it comes to magick. You might find that my methods don’t suit you. If this happens then I hope my blog posts will inspire you to seek out a method that works better for your needs. There is no one way to practice magick.

The answer is no. You can be Wiccan and use Celtic practices or beliefs but you could not call yourself a Celtic Pagan. Wicca in itself is a religion that incorporates different Pagan religions into one. Celtic Paganism is a different religion with a separate belief structure. The two are not the same. I consider myself an Eclectic Pagan because I incorporate beliefs and ideas from multiple Pagan religions including Celtic, Norse, Egyptian and Roman Paganism as well as Wicca and a few others.

Book of rituals, prayers and spells – This is also called a Book of Shadows. Keep records of all your magickal workings, recipes, written spells or prayers.

Book of Dreams – Sometimes called a Book of Mirrors, this book is where you should write down your dreams plus your meditation and divination experiences.

Pagan Organizer – You can use any kind of organizer to record full moon dates, sabbats, lunar phases and any other events you want to include. This is a great way to always know what you need to prepare for on a weekly and monthly bases.

Address Book – If you are a solitary Pagan then over the years you will probably talk and share ideas with other witches or Pagans. Write down their contact information in any address book so that you can call upon them if you should need help in magickal workings, healing or any prayer request. Covens might not allow member information to be recorded so make sure you know its permissible before you do this. Keep this book in a safe, protected place.

Covens in your area – Pagan groups, despite what path, love to work together. You can call upon different covens close to your location and ask about prayer request for healing or other important matters. Most of the time they will be willing to spend a few extra minutes at their next gathering to send some energy your way.

Label your herbs – Herbs do expire, some faster than others. Always record the date you started using any herb on the bottle or baggie. Do some simple research and find out how long each herb will keep (google it). Record the expiration date on the label as well. In your book of shadows you could make a page just for the expiration dates for your herbs. This will help you know when you need to get more of any herb before you run out.